La Petite Concierge

Esther Watkins - Director and founder of

La Petite Concierge Ltd.

I grew up in Africa on the sunnier side of the planet. My family moved back to the UK and loving the warmer climate, I stayed in Africa. Whilst my mother was in the UK, a growing concern developed as her eyesight deteriorated.

A situation arose, with the loss of power in my mother’s house and whilst being in Africa I had no ability to help resolve the issue, with no one close able to assist.


I formulated a plan to develop a care organisation that would assist people who needed the support. A community hub, to be built upon simple honest values of openness, dignity, independence and open communication.

I wanted to develop a team of like-minded individuals who cared, with a willingness to go the extra mile.

On coming back to the UK I studied at Wolverhampton University.  I then went on to complete my studies in Professional Development in Leadership and Management in the Care Sector & Level 5 in Leadership in Health & Social Care.


I had a vision and worked towards developing a team and a base of operations to deliver a high quality, professional service.  Having family who were a part of RAF Cosford, I settled in Shifnal because of the beautiful, picturesque village setting.

La Petite Concierge was born as an organisation in September of 2006.

The word concierge evolved from the French saying cont’e descierges, “the keeper of the Candler”, who was the servant who attended to the whims of visitors. The word concierge developed into the keepers of the keys at public buildings. Hotels adopted this word and the concept of a concierge who offers services to the guests to enhance their time spent in the hotel. My mother was key in the development of the organisation and the values we adhere to. She was also key in the naming of the organisation and all the principles I stand by. 

La Petite Concierge is a small company in the rural town of Shifnal, Shropshire. The service we offer helps balance everyday life for the people we support. Our mission statement would be, “to provide a professional support service to our valued service users, enabling an excellence in lifestyle, independence and choice”.

“Imagine a caring eye looking over your elderly friends and relatives, meeting all their daily needs and requirements. Prescriptions collected, letters and parcels posted, meal preparation, laundry and that vital cup of tea and a chat and more". 

“Time is a precious commodity.

 too precious to waste,

so difficult to find and hold on to”.

Having developed the company this far we are now looking to the future, to hold on to what has worked and to re-invent things that could be done better. We want to broaden our horizons and expand to other areas of care, support and assistance. We believe everyone matters and we want to develop a community that recognizes every individual.