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Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Key Lines Of Enquiry.

The Care Quality Commission are the government organisation whom asses all health care practitioners across the board.

The main questions all inspections follow are;

Safe - Is the service safe?

Effective - Is the service effective?

Responsive - Is the service responsive?

Well Led - Is the service well led?

These are the areas that will be looked at in a inspection. These questions are set to ensure that services are meeting a set standard of care for all the individuals they support.

Are the individuals safe and protected from abuse and avoidable harm?

Does the care, treatment and support achieve measurable positive outcomes for the people supported. Are the individuals supported in a way that provides a good quality of life and independence?

Does the organisation and staff treat people with dignity, respect, compassion and kindness?

Is the organisation responsive to the needs of the individuals they support?

The leadership, management and governance of the organisation ensure that they are providing the highest quality care, that is based on the needs of those whom they support. That is they lead the team in encouraging learning and innovation. Promoting an open and fair culture.