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Forward thinking


2019 is moving fast. The news is all focused on the Brexit. The known and the unknown. What will change and what wont, who really knows.

As an organisation we embrace change, that will improve the adult social care sector for the better.

Better - Well better for you.

Those needing support deserve the best.

People have the right to choose.

The right to be protected from harm.

The right to speak up.

The right to be treated as individuals.

We want to acknowledge and promote the rights of individuals.

If the use of technology will support and promote these fundamentals we are all for it.

Some of the concerns are focused rightly upon what does that actually mean to me.

Lets focus on one area. The use of Electronic monitoring systems.

Currently we utilise a system recommended by Shropshire council. This system is used to schedule in visits across, automatically accounting for travelling times and distances that will be traveled. Making scheduling 100% easier. This helps with transparency and accountability. The council will also check and double check that people are receiving what they need to the minute.

The future of Electronic monitoring system looks to change the way everything works.

We cant wait.

We are looking at installing medication administration and auditing on to the system. Ensuring up to the minute records of medication administration and will ensure quality checks are done to the minute.

Care Plans - These are written out for every individual in need of support. This is the back bone of all that we do. This is the document which all staff work from. This will usually state such things as how you like your personal care to be carried out. Breakfast and meal preferences. Transfer instructions, mobility issues. All those personal preferences we over look on a daily basis personally. As an industry just having these electronically stored would save countless trees. They are updated frequently as things, people change. These need to be adaptable. Moving these into the electronic realm would change the game for the support staff, to deliver personalized support, right where it matters the most.

I will continue this subject at a later date.

Change is good, if the outcome makes life better.