• La Petite Concierge

I have rights.

Individuals have rights, you have rights. We look to acknowledge, encourage and develop those rights and how people exercise those rights.

We all have choice. The right to choice, to make decisions. Everyone make choices throughout the day, many we don’t really acknowledge or realise we are making or have made. What if someone took those choices from you? How would you feel?

What if you could no longer decided what to eat/drink?

What to wear? What if you only were given one set of clothing to wear every day no change?

What things would matter to you if you no longer had the option to choose?

From small choice to life changing choices. Moving to a way to another country or choosing to have a tea instead of a coffee. Choice is defined as, an act of choosing between two or more possibilities.

Our support staff are there to enable choice. From offering support in what people to choose or providing guidance to make informed choice, they do it all.