• La Petite Concierge

Life as we know it.

Another day at the office. For some. A support workers job is never done. For many people, they struggle to manage the work life balance. Working a nine to five job with kids to drop off and hungry mouths to fill. Money is a useful asset, one we all work hard to secure.

With the growing population and an ageing on at that. The role of a support worker is developing faster than the system can mange. With the strain on the NHS and our social services and the demand for home care increasing and set to escalate even further. Something has to be done.

What has your experience been of working with the health care services? Both positive and negative?

They system of adult services is full of some amazing individuals. Whom enter their working career with high dreams of helping people and serving our communities. As an organisation we could not praise highly enough the hard working, dedicated staff who go the extra mile every time.


We have a problem, something has to be done. Change is needed.

The system needs investment. Not just finances but restructuring, reorganizing. The UK for being what it is, is falling further and further behind other countries in how we support those vulnerable.