• La Petite Concierge

Little old me


Born in the 20's

I played my part in the war.

Done my part, won my ticket.

I ran for the country

I ducked for the country

i dug for the country

I drove for the country

I lived for my country

Many of my friends died for this country

I survived. A part of me survived. During that time i died many times and survived many times.

Things have changed and yet people will always be the same. Technology has changed the way life is lived. Yet life remains the same. With advancements in medical expertise and communication, things have changed.

The grand kids sit at tell me all about facebook, snapchat all these fun things they do with their friends from the comfort of the sofa whilst watching netflix. I wonder if this is really fun for them. is this the life my friends died for?

I wonder how my friends are doing but my fingers can no longer press the buttons on my home phone. They never call, they no longer drop by. My hours

I sit with the daily repeats on my new HD TV. I've seen them so many times.

New day of the same old thing.

More Brexit. Tired of the same old narrative. How things have changed. I often wonder how we came to this. In many ways it seems to have got worse, rather than better. I hear my friends at the social club talk about the good old days. The good old days when my fingers worked and my eyes focused further than my nose.

I often wonder if this is it. Whats the point to go on. Same old motions in the sea of days. Another birthday, another Christmas, another Easter and yet another microwave meal.

Lets have another cup of tea and watch the soaps. I cant say when i last had a good soak but i remember that kind lady in blue giving me a good wash.

I cant remember if i took my tablets this morning. But i can remember climbing those trees as a kid.

You see my memory isn't what it used to be, but then neither am i.

Life changes and yours will too.

You will lose loved ones and gain some along the way.

Time will tell where we are heading, lets stop pretending everything matters and focus on what really matters.

I remember the time with my friends the laugh and the tears.

I remember my babies first giggle, first steps and white dress.

I remember my family and the roller coaster of the journey

I don't remember the pay checks or the tax.

I remember my parents and where they was buried.

I remember the dances where i met my beautiful wife.

I cant remember the music we frolicked to and danced.

I don't remember my first kiss

But i do remember my last.

But i had a good life.

I know i lived, i know i lived when others died.

I know i have loved.

I know i was loved

I have lived.

Will others know that i lived?