• La Petite Concierge

The silent Army


In a world ruled by time and money, smarter solutions are needed to answer the questions and support the needs of the growing social issues of our age.

With social health care needs set to increase in the future, we would like to celebrate and praise the silent army of workers who are quietly supporting the needs of the wider community behind the scenes.

From professionals like Doctors and Nurses and Community Health Care professionals, plus the vital support staff who are continually providing and meeting all the support needs in every area of the service users lives.

Our Health care is full of these amazing individuals who all bring that something special to the community recipe of support.

All vital gears and parts in the mechanism of our social health care system.

To the forgotten army of individuals who are working throughout the days and nights to bring that welcomed smile of thanks and the reassurance that everything will be okay.

To that morning cup of tea to start the day off right, or that warm horlicks at night to send you off to your slumber. The first face seen in the morning and the last to be seen at night always brings that element of care and safety to the service users.

For the nurse's who sits with you after hearing some life changing news to the nurses who sit and cry with you in those bleak hopeless moments.

Thank You

To the GP who supports you through the trials of sickness and health.

Thank you

To the district nurse who make up the back bone of the care system that come to you when you need them most.

Thank you

For the paramedics that are reliable and dependable. Who put themselves at risk on a daily basis.

Thank you

Anyway you get the gist, the care system is not perfect, but a care system that is built upon the compassion and empathy, skills, knowledge and expertise of the UK's #SilentArmy is a care system none the less that is working for the better of all involved or may need it in the future.

Without it it where would be ???

An army in need of new recruits and fresh ideas.

The NHS was created out of the ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth. When it was launched by the then minister of health, Aneurin Bevan, on July 5 1948, it was based on 3 core principles:

  • that it meet the needs of everyone

  • that it be free at the point of delivery

  • that it be based on clinical need, not ability to pay

With the exception of some charges, such as prescriptions, optical services and dental services, the NHS in England remains free at the point of use for all UK residents. This currently stands at more than 64.6 million people in the UK and 54.3 million people in England alone.

The NHS employs more than 1.5 million people, putting it in the top five of the world’s largest workforces, together with the US Department of Defence, McDonalds, Walmart and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army