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As a team we enjoy recognising our staff for the amazing job they do, in supporting people out in the community and recognising why they do what they do.

Shared values are what makes our team work to provide the highest quality of care.

Chloe Thomas

A career in social care is very rewarding and fulfilling.I chose Care because everyday I am helping someone and making a difference to someone’s life to make someone’s life easier and by helping someone in need everyday creates a sense of achievement and is very rewarding and satisfying.

As well as enjoying caring for people I also enjoy caring for animals and in my spare time I spend this volunteering to work with animals.I am organised and always positive and believe everyone should be valued and respected and I believe just a smile can make someone’s day!

I am committed to providing a high standard of client care by ensuring every individuals welfare is healthy and I ensure a high standard of client care by understanding that every individual is different so I would need to be understanding and I would consider the clients behaviour to ensure all individuals are healthy and happy.I have gained much knowledge and experience through completing NVQ Level 2 in Social Care and by working in the Care industry for over a year now and by this I believe I can put all my skills and knowledge to the job to ensure every individual is happy.


As a team we would like to celebrate Chloe for her hard work and many of the service users we support have voiced their praise of how she has grown and developed as a support worker.