• La Petite Concierge

Time goes by.

Domiciliary care! Who cares!

#Firstmoments. #NewAdventure.

Unlike my last job working filling shelves and dealing with angry shoppers who couldn't find that precious item, that they believed would change their lives.

I now look after people who need that extra help. I always saw care as something i couldn't do, until i did it. and now i love it. Yes i may finish later than i was meant to occasionally. My family say they never thought id like a job like this or stick it out. How wrong i was and them i love it.

Today as i started my shift i helped a lady get ready for her day. I helped her do all the things i would do in the morning. I often imagine who would help me if these arms of mine no longer make it through the ends of my sleeves. At first it was awkward, meeting new people was not something i did. I had my family and friends but i rarely spoke to new people. I had lots of friends on face book who liked my photos but as for talking and meeting this would never happen. A like from a far, from a screen whilst they are sat in their car that is.

I changed my life taking this job, i never thought helping other people would help me. It has been an adventure. A huge risk in taking a chance. I never thought i could but now i see how much i have to give.