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What does it mean!

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

What does it mean to be a support worker?

Support is a small word for the hole filled in peoples lives. The dedicated people who help through the day those who require just that little bit extra.

The number of people who require support has been on the increase. With an ageing population and more people requiring help within their own homes. This is an industry vital to our continued development.

We all will need help and in life, some for just for moments, others for their whole lives. How we meet this need will be fundamental in how we manage the future.

A support worker is that unsung hero. There when you need them most. The pair of hands to guide yours. The voice of encouragement, whispering "you can do it". The dependable face who wears a smile no matter the weather.

As a work force they can be overlooked. In an industry that has grown and developed over the years, it also shows signs of growing exponentially over the coming years.

How can we recognise the work of this silent army?

From the Doctors, nurses, social service staff to the carers and support staff all play a part in the well being of many people within our wider community.