La Petite Concierge

   We are here for you.

We offer support and guidance to enable you to live well. Aiming to meet individuals on their personal journey, looking at each individual holistically within the full range of physical, social, cultural, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. 

We are a group of individuals, working with the same values, from a range of backgrounds with different, unique skills and qualities. We are here to support you to live the "best life possible". The life you choose and how that looks, tastes and feels like is up to you. We aim to empower you to make the choices that matter. 

We understand the balance of safeguarding you as an individual and the right to freedom of choice. Your decisions are important and we want to support you to have that control and empower you to live your life well. Independence and choice are more than just words and a slogan to us. 

Life is about choices and options, having the opportunity to choose is more important than most of us realize.

We want to challenge the boundaries and the assumptions of what people can and can not do. Being creative and in tune as an organisation to the needs of each individual.


Our staff are qualified and experienced and we trust them to provide a high quality service. We know how important relationships are and with creativity, innovation, as a team we will always find a way to meet the needs of those whom we support. 

We are committed to working in partnership with professionals across the health care industry in order to develop a support package for each individual, tailored for their needs. Building supportive relationships and trust with service users and families can change lives. 

Developing new, creative models of support will lead the industry and organisation into a bright new future full of opportunity and smiles. Opportunities can make a difference to any individuals self esteem and well being. We want to find smart solutions to enable and develop those who we support. Embracing new skills and hobbies to experiencing the unknown, regaining lost skills and everything in between. We want to be there for you.

 Into the future and beyond. 

Within the constantly changing world we live in, the extensive use of technology and aids available can be mind boggling. We want to assist and support you to utilize the aids and equipment available to make your life and lifestyle choices easier.The central themes in our care plans are what the individual wants and needs. We ask for family and significant people involved to have an input but this is to ensure we are open, honest and transparent with clear expectations and goals. 

Future developments.

  • Striving for excellence.

  • To engage, attract and develop our community.

  • Utilizing advancements in technology.

  • To challenge the perception of our sector.

  • To expand into other areas of adult social care within our region.

  • To meet the needs of those who need support. 

  • Ensuring equality and inclusion within our reach. 

LPC has considerable experience of caring for people with dementia in a domiciliary care setting.  We are invested in training and developing the skills of our care workers to support service users and to assist families in understanding and supporting their loved ones. 




We provide support for a full range of individuals with a range of diagnosed conditions and those who just need that extra helping hand and encouragement. 

Respite support can be offered for family members looking for a holiday or break. We are experienced with navigating the challenges of caring for a loved one.