La Petite Concierge

When faced with illness or immobility, it can be a struggle to carry out everyday activities that  you may have once performed with ease.

We offer a comprehensive range of  services, tailored to each person's individual needs.


In order to provide the individual with a person-centred service that matches their requirements, an assessment of their circumstances and needs will be carried out by one of our senior staff members. A Care plan will be created detailing the needs and support required, specific to the service user. 

This is an important stage in the provision of support as each individual will have different needs.

Each support package is unique and we take our time in getting it right first time. 

Following this visit, we will provide you with a fully costed, personalized care package.

Welfare - We understand the need to feel safe and secure. We provide a drop-in service to support loved ones and to check on their well being,  providing a service to support people who may need more emotional assistance and companionship.   

We can also provide scheduled remote support via telephone. 

Social visits - We can provide companionship to accompany people to access the community. 

Meal Times - LPC can support with all aspects of food preparation. This can include assisting with the weekly shop and helping with preparation of meals. 

Household Tasks – Our support workers can assist with light household duties as part of our personalized service and will help with tasks such as laundry, vacuuming and washing up. If preferred, our support workers can be on hand to offer support should the individual wish to complete the tasks themselves, thereby maintaining their independence.

As part of our service we offer support with all areas of personal care.  

Medication Assistance - Sometimes an individual may forget to take their prescribed medication or may struggle to take it the correct way, either of  which can have serious implications on their health. Our care workers can alleviate this worry by prompting or administering medication correctly and thus ensuring the right dosage is given at the right time.