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Care, choice and independence for a brighter future
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7C's Telephone Welfare Service

Our New Bespoke Service to enable You to live at Home for longer

The Telephone Welfare Call service will operate 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year and 365 days a year.

Not having someone to talk to regularly can be lonely and isolating, particularly if you have been used to sharing your home and time with family and friends. A friendly chat on the phone at a time that suits you can make all the difference. Our services is based on 7 key principles, The 7C's:
  1. Care: keeping you safe and independent
  2. Compassion: offering sympathy and showing concern
  3. Communication: giving and sharing information in order to maintain a secure and effective service
  4. Courage: delivering a service that tackles all issues with compassion and common sense
  5. Confidence: ensuring that you can rely on our service
  6. Competence: guaranteeing to achieve an efficiency service
  7. Commitment: pledging to uphold all the above points
The Telephone Welfare Call service, with the ‘7 C’s’ at its heart, is a daily reassurance check-up call for people of all ages and abilities. Primarily the service is aimed at people who are over the age of 65 and either living alone or spending a large amount of time on their own with little or no interaction with others, but is open to all in need.

The Telephone Welfare Call service can offer check-ups for medication, meals and activity reminders, or just to check on well-being and provide friendly conversation. It is especially for those who are living in isolation or who are without regular interaction and support from family members and friends, and who can often thus feel alone and neglected.
Whilst the Telephone Welfare Call service is geared towards the elderly and more vulnerable people, it can be used by anyone in the community who is living in isolation.

Our service is designed to make you feel secure in the knowledge that there will always be someone you can talk to, and feel confident in knowing someone will check on you regularly to ensure you are comfortable and safe. We will involve and support you to manage your own decisions on a daily basis, giving you the choice and control over the services you receive.

For family living out of the area, or for those busy trying to keep up with demanding schedules, it’s not always possible to check on loved ones on a daily basis. Our service is designed to provide extended families and friends with peace of mind with the knowledge that their loved ones will be checked on every day, or as often as desired.

For more information please speak to our friendly team on 01952 463301 or email us for further information

We offer a comprehensive range of services personalised to the needs of our service users. We provide a flexible responsive, caring service and strive to build long-term relationships with our Service Users and other working professionals. We know the solid foundation to success is to build quality.

Looking at the options for care funding can be a daunting and complex experience. Care and support services are means-tested, not free to everyone & some people have to pay all of the costs. There are several options for funding care. LPC undertake care from service users with local authority funding.

We have a rigorous and selective recruitment programme to help us evaluate the individual who applies to work at LPC, as well as finding out about their qualifications and skills. The right attitude and compassion for the job is vital for us in securing the right team. DBS checks and references will be obtained.

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