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Care, choice and independence for a brighter future
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Who we are


La Petite Concierge was born as an organisation in September of 2006.

You may at this stage be wondering, what in the world ‘Concierge’ means.; The word ‘concierge’ evolved from the French saying cont’e descierges ”the keeper of the Candle”. In other words, a servant who attended to the whims of visitors. Eventually the word concierge came from the keepers of the keys at public buildings, especially hotels. Nowadays, independent companies like ourselves have adopted this ancient service and gone one step further allowing everyone to have access to the facility.

The initiative was established based on first-hand practice experience with the Director’s own family and the need for a service to suit versatility. The name La Petite Concierge originated from family conversations and the influence of a very special person. The contemporary foundation of the business has been built on and roles have been formed through experiences.

La Petite Concierge Ltd was established in 2006, the market gap at the time suggested a completely untouched area consequently resulting in its achievement to be successful. Following the 2008 economic recession La Petite Concierge Ltd became a domiciliary care business in 2012, keeping the original structure but expanding into a more direct service for our Service Users. We cover a wide radius, approximately 15 miles from our main base in Shifnal Shropshire. Giving us the unique opportunity to offer a multitude of services.

"Time is a precious commodity.
too precious to waste,
so difficult to find and hold on to"

Having developed the company this far we are now looking to the future, to hold on to what has worked and to re-invent things that could be done better. We want to broaden our horizons and expand to other areas of care, support and assistance. We believe everyone matters and we want to develop a community that recognizes every individual.

La Petite Concierge Ltd - current day

La Petite Concierge services helps balance everyday life for our Service Users and families, our mission statement is ‘’to provide a high quality effective professional domiciliary service, by guaranteeing inclusion, empowerment, encouragement, independence, choice and values to both staff and Service Users. Striving for compassion, reliability, support, transparency and progression. All because we care!

We offer a cost-effective alternative, by offering practical care support directly to our individual Service Users in their own home, by dedicating an essential service to the most vulnerable in our care, empowering their capability to live a fulfilled and happy life. We pride ourselves in giving the highest possible care.

Key performance facts:
  • CQC Inspection ratings (GOOD)
  • Registered manager in Post
La Petite Concierge (LPC) is a registered member of the Care Quality Commission.
To view our CQC profile: Please Click HERE

Our Care Team and Staffing Structure

We have a diverse team of individuals who support the Service users in the community and who share the same values as the orgainsation. We have together established an outstanding reputation in our local communities we work within. This has enabled the service we offer to expand and grow. As the face of the Adults social sector changes we are looking at ways we can develop the organisation further.

Our team is dedicated, professional and caring and thats why we do what we do. We are always looking for other caring and compassionate individuals to join our team as the need for outstanding support workers grows.

La Petite Concierge Limited is managed by a small committed team comprising of the Director, the Care Manager and the Deputy Manager and Team Leaders (The Management Team)

We also have an excellent team of skilled professional Community Support Workers who deliver care to our Service Users.

We recognise that a Community Support Worker is somebody with whom the Service User can form a special relationship with. For this reason, we take great care in selecting a compatible member of staff for the individual in our care.

We are not a recruitment agency and we do not sub-contract or outsource the delivery of our care. We are fully committed to investing in our staff.

Senior Management have overall responsibility for the business, their main responsibilities includes leadership and direction and complete commitment to the Service User and their family. The quality of care provided, and the health and safety of staff and Service Users is fundamentally to our values.

Our People

Director and founder of La Petite Concierge
Esther Watkins
Care Manager
Guy Miller
Deputy Manager
Debbie Evans
Accounts Administrator
Kim Baugh
Julie Poole
Care coordinator
Tereza Preen
Team Leader
Tina Hutchinson
Community Support Worker
James Christie
Community Support Worker
Theresa Alexander

Our Business Aims & Objectives

To find out about our Business Aims & Objectives, please click the button below.

We offer a comprehensive range of services personalised to the needs of our service users. We provide a flexible responsive, caring service and strive to build long-term relationships with our Service Users and other working professionals. We know the solid foundation to success is to build quality.

Looking at the options for care funding can be a daunting and complex experience. Care and support services are means-tested, not free to everyone & some people have to pay all of the costs. There are several options for funding care. LPC undertake care from service users with local authority funding.

We have a rigorous and selective recruitment programme to help us evaluate the individual who applies to work at LPC, as well as finding out about their qualifications and skills. The right attitude and compassion for the job is vital for us in securing the right team. DBS checks and references will be obtained.

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